September 18, 2020

What to do if a Child is Sick


September 11, 2020

BCE Newsletter - September


August 31, 2020 

BCE Startup FAQ for parents


May 29, 2020 

COVID Handbook


May 14, 2020

Yaw BCE families,

Thank you all for completing the ‘BCE Family check-in” survey that went out a few weeks ago.  The majority of families are Very Satisfied/Satisfied with our program and most families feel that the workload is ‘just right’.

I would like to ask for some more information from your families so please follow the link below to another survey. As many of you know, The Province of British Columbia is looking to opening up our school. The first step would be voluntary attendance part-time for students k-5. As the School District plans for this, I am very interested in your family’s needs and concerns. I don’t have the specifics of what the part-time programming will look like at this time, because consultation needs to happen with all the stakeholders to ensure that any opening is done thoughtfully with all perspectives considered. This process will take time and I ask for your patience.

Stay well,

Sharon Beloin 


May 1, 2020

Hello BCE Families! 

We are in our fourth week of remote learning and we are wanting to check in with our families. Please follow the link below to help us understand how things are going at home.

Wishing you all the best, 

Sharon Beloin 


April 16, 2020

Hello BCE Families,

Working with your child at home can be tough. This is the second week of a new program and often, as at school, children can lose motivation once all the excitement of something new wears off. Here are some suggestions on how to keep your child motivated while you support them from home.

These suggestions focus on ‘desk learning’. It is important to remember that learning can happen in many ways. For example, going for walks or working on home projects while listening to your child’s thoughts and wonders is a wonderful way to engage with your child and learn together.

Give students a sense of control

Allowing your child to have some choice and control over what happens. For example, allowing your child to choose which assignment they do or which problems to work on

Define the goal

Your child wants and needs to know what is expected of them in order to stay motivated to work.

Create a threat-free environment

Affirming your belief in your child's abilities rather than laying out the consequences of not doing things, students are much more likely to get and stay motivated to do their work. Try focusing on can, not can’t.

Offer rewards.
Everyone likes getting rewards, and offering your child the chance to earn them is an excellent source of motivation. Things like pizza parties, watching movies, or even something as simple as a sticker.

Connect with a buddy
Social interaction can get them excited about activities and students can motivate one another to reach a goal. Try to connect with a friend in class to share their work.

Give praise when earned
Give your child motivation by rewarding success publicly ( share on Facebook or tell grandma), or give praise for a job well done.

Be excited
One of the best ways to get your child motivated is to share your enthusiasm. When you’re excited, they’ll be much more excited about learning.

Harness student interests.
Relate activities to things that your child is interested in or have experienced.

Manage workload
Go slowly to ensure that your child doesn’t feel so overwhelmed by expectations that they just give up. Children like to be challenged and will work to achieve high expectations so long as they believe those goals to be within their reach, so don’t be afraid to push students to get more out of them.

Track progress
Tracking can come in handy – this can be as simple as a to-do list or stars beside the activities that were complete.

Make things fun
Adding fun activities into your day can help your child stay engaged.


I hope these suggestions are helpful. Please reach out to the school if you need more support.


Sharon Beloin



April 9, 2020

 Hello All families,

I hope that you are all well and finding your ‘new normal’ in this unprecedented time. Although there are no students in the hallways, all staff have been busy this week in an effort to continue our support from afar. At BCE we are working on refining our Health and Safety Protocols, Essential Workers Child Care, hamper delivery, supplies delivery and returning students belongings. Our teaching staff has been exploring and learning new ways to engage students and support families while managing the current reality of working in isolation, often with their own kids in tow! In the last few weeks you should have been contacted by someone on staff to check-in, if this is not the case, please reach out to the school.

Many teachers have begun sending out weekly support plans for families. These plans are recommended to continue with your child to support ongoing learning. However, if at this stressful time you are finding this demand too high, please reach out to your teachers to help identify the highest priority of support needed. Here are some tips and tricks for supporting your child at home.


Considerations for Supporting Learning at Home

•model a positive attitude towards learning, if adults are positive/excited - kids will be more open to the learning

•offer choices throughout the day, kids need a sense of power & control through small choices

•use a timer for scheduled activities start with a short time - 5 min, and build if possible

•read instructions/directions together

•use confidence-boosting language - find the positive and comment on them

•we learn most from mistakes - allow for mistakes & don’t try to correct everything

•take & schedule brain breaks, before frustrations crop up


We will begin scheduled deliveries of personal belongings and supplies next week. If your child is not at the address you registered them with at the school, please contact the school. We will notify you by phone of the 2-hour window when we will drop items off. We will leave items at your door, knock, and then leave. If you prefer to pick up, contact the office ASAP to arrange a pick-up time. The belonging will be left outside of the building labeled with your child’s name. At this time, we are limiting access to the building to staff and those enrolled in the essential services worker childcare, it is recommended that you disinfect items or let paper items sit for 24 hours and plastic items sit for 72 hours.

Sharon Beloin
Bella Coola Elementary
Bella Coola, BC
250 799 5556

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