1. To create school environments which provide to all students opportunities for intellectual, human, social and career development, with a view to providing quality of education and attaining levels of achievement equal to or better than other Districts and jurisdictions;
  2. To develop and maintain positive attitudes among employees toward the School District as a good place to live and work;
  3. To develop and maintain positive relationships with all elements of the community through the open exchange of information and ideas,
  4. To make effective use of the resources provided to the District.
Bylaws, Policies and Regulations

The Board of School Trustees establishes the legislative framework within which the administration and staff of the District operate. This framework consists of Bylaws, Policies and Procedures.

Policies are broad directional statements that reflect the philosophy of the Board on the operation of the District. Policies are occasionally changed or amended.

100 Governance

200 Communications and Community Relations

300 Students

400 Instruction and School Operations

500 Health and Safety

600 Human Resources

700 Administrative Operations