Ready Set Learn

Ready, Set, Learn is a Ministry initiative to involve three- to five-year olds and their families in one or more events to support our young learners in school readiness. The purpose of the program is to connect our young learners to the school and with resources available in the community to support their development.  Ready Set Learn is a parent-child event, inviting families to get to know others in their community, build on their own ideas for strong early learning and work together to raise strong young learners!

Bella Coola Elementary and Acwsalcta School rotate hosting events for these young learners.  These events must include, but are not limited to:

  • School tours, classroom visits or library visits
  • Interactive play activities for children and parents
  • Information sessions for parents and caregivers
  • Presentations or displays by the school, school district or participating community partners (Health Authorities, Early Years centers, etc)
  • Activities appropriate to influence early learning and early childhood development

Ready, Set, Learn activities are often co-hosted with community agencies.

Contact Bella Coola Elementary School for more information on the ‘Ready, Set, Learn’ program.

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