Sir Alexander Mackenzie School


Our goal is to foster a lifelong desire to acquire knowledge and skills in our students; and to enable them to be responsible, productive and caring citizens in our changing world.

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Opened in October of 1949, Sir Alexander Mackenzie School (or SAMS for short) is named after Alexander Mackenzie, who became the first European to navigate across North America and reach the Pacific Ocean in 1793.

Staff and parents share strong belief that a successful school depends upon the cooperation of everyone involved. This dedication is exemplified in the programs offered for a school its size.

SAMS is currently able to offer a wide variety of academic courses including senior math and science courses along with an Outdoor Education Program that takes full advantage of all that the Central Coast has to offer. As well, the school maintains a strong commitment to the fine arts with a very active band program at all levels and a strong Nuxalk Language and Culture Program.

Contact Information

PO Bag 800
Hagensborg, British Columbia
V0T 1H0

Tel: 250.982.2355
FAX: 250.982.2720



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