May 29, 2020  NES Restart Response Handbook

Dear parents, guardians, students, and staff of NES,

We believe it is important to the mental health and wellbeing of all involved that we share and explain all safety protocols and procedures in an effort to reduce anxiety and keep all parties informed.

In an effort to communicate openly, the expectations around school opening we have shared out the protocol document that has been developed through consultation with staff at NES. This document is informed by, and meets or exceeds the safety recommendations outlined in “COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 School Settings” published by the BC Center for Disease Control and the BC Ministry of Health. As the school environment is a dynamic one, this is an evolving document and is intended to inform best practice, taking into consideration that circumstances may develop requiring flexibility and compassion on the part of the school team. The school reserves the right to adjust its response as necessary.  

We will take all Health and Safety measures that are within our control in School District 49, and we promote following all the health and safety guidelines to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19.  School District 49 (Central Coast) supports the Hereditary Chief information checkpoints and will support staff and families in self-isolation following a return to the valley. However, we recognize that it is out of our control what individuals choose to do outside of school time and cannot guarantee the school setting will not have individuals present who have recently travelled outside of Bella Coola. There will be procedures in place to minimize the risk of spreading any illness in SD49, but minimized or not, there will always be a risk of exposure.

As always, I am open to and welcome your feedback.


Kevin Gianakos and the dedicated teaching and support staff of NES

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April 9, 2020  Student Assignment Schedule and Procedure


NES Families,

I would like to ask for some information from your families so please follow the link below to a survey. As many of you know, The Province of British Columbia is looking at a gradual opening up of schools. The first step involves voluntary attendance, part-time for students K-5. As the School District plans for this, I am interested in your family’s needs and concerns. I don’t have the specifics of what the part-time programming will look like at this time, because consultation needs to happen with all the stakeholders to ensure that any opening is done thoughtfully with all perspectives considered. This process will take time and I ask for your patience.



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