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21 May 2018;
Victoria Day
12 Jun 2018;
School Board Meeting
29 Jun 2018;
Administrative Day


In light of the Ministry of Education's announcement, 2018-2019 will see an additional non-instructional day for the purposes of preparing staff on the delivery of the revised curriculum and graduation program.  Please note, the non-instructional days will be placed in April 2018 and are only for placeholder purposes. Also of note is the revised is the BC Family Day.


Thank-you to those who provided input on our new policy 140.  It has now been approved by the Board of Education.  In addition, as we continue to review and refresh our policy manual, the recommendations noted in the attached memo have been adopted by the Board of Education.  Please take the time to review policies 110, 120, 130, 131, 140, 150, 180 which will be read for approval April 17th at 6pm.



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