School of Self Directed Learning (SOSDL)

The SOSDL Program is a multigrade program that incorporates both academic preparation and off site trades related training. This program runs in conjunction with Sir Alexander Mackenzie School and its students participate in many of the school's elective courses. Students receive a Dogwood in Grade 12 and relevant college and trades preparation. SOSDL students are involved in their own time table construction and complete course work, write provincial exams according to their own individual schedule of studies. Each student schedule is put together using a university concept of “majors” and academic focus. Students can major in the following areas:

  1. Mechanics and Welding: students receive 2 full days a week of work with a journeyman mechanic and welder. The other three days are spent working on the remaining graduation requirements;

  2. Furniture and Cabinetry: students receive 2 full days a week of training in cabinetry, furniture making and fine joinery. The other three days are spent working on the remaining graduation requirements;

  3. Timber Framing and Construction: students work 4 days a week for 15 weeks off campus on a house project. Hands-on instruction involves forming and concrete, wall and frame, and roof construction and considerations;

  4. First Nations Art and Design: students can take up to 3 Grade 12 courses in art. This will prepare students who want to pursue training in the field of first nations and will provide them the opportunity to work with an accomplished artist in a mentorship style learning environment;

  5. Adult Upgrading: Adult courses such as English 12, Biology 12, and Math 11 pre-calculus as well as trade school preparation provide returning adults with an opportunity to complete the requisite courses for admission to University or Trade School;

  6. Pre-commercial Food Preparation Training: students are involved in an on-site Food Preparation Program promoting Healthy Food Initiatives. At present, the Program features Organic Bread Products created from organic grains, ground on-site to bread that is used in the Schools' food programs,

  7. Hair Dressing and Aesthetics: students receive 2 afternoons per week of practical experience and exposure to this trade and practice.

All adult students receive in class work in addition to direct trades training. They complete the requisite courses to graduate as well as study for and write college trade school exams.