Board of Education

Board Office / Principals

The School District Board Office works actively in the background to keep things going in our schools. The staff work with the Trustees, Superintendent, and School Staff to ensure that everything works cohesively and within the framework as laid out by the Ministry of Education.

Board Office

Steve Dishkin – B.Ed., M.Ed.

Superintendent of Schools

Bruce Tisdale

Secretary Treasurer

Lela Walkus – B.Ed.

Aboriginal Education Coordinator

Principal: Oweekeno and Shearwater Schools

Pete Kovanda

Payroll, Accounting Assistant

Tanya Moren

Executive Assistant, Human Resources

Kim Moore

Administrative Assistant

Sharon Beloin

District Principal of Student Services & Spec Ed



Site-Biased Principals With District Responsibilities

Kevin Gianakos

B.A., B.Ed., M.A.

Principal: Bella Coola Elementary  

Andrew Thoms

Principal: Nusatsum Elementary  


Steve Dishkin

B.Ed., M.Ed.

Principal: Sir Alexander Mackenzie Secondary 

Contact for:

Early Learning




Contact for:

Safe Schools – TBD

Lead Hands

Mark Chatham

Maintenance Lead Hand

Jason Gunderson

Transportation Lead Hand


IT Hands

Aiden Hindley

IT Tech