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Welcome to our IT information section where you can discover all the latest updates on services within SD49, as well as upcoming changes. We also provide everyday tips and tricks to assist you in navigating our online world. Stay informed and make the most out of our services in SD49!

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Group Shortcuts Within OneDrive

Streamline your work flow by creating a shortcut from your OneDrive to your desired group’s Sharepoint! With this time-saving feature, you can easily access and manage all work-related files within the group without the hassle of downloading, working, and uploading files.


Student Password Resets – Upcoming

Hello Staff and Students, as we gear up for upcoming Winter Break, we wanted to inform you that upon arrival in January 2024, all student passwords will be reset to a temporary password upon initial login.


MyEd – Automated Student Integration

We are excited to announce that MyEd has been successfully integrated into our O365 and Google services!


Local Storage, OneDrive, and SD49 Devices

SD49 Devices offer a convenient and secure way to access and store your files from any device. With OneDrive, your files are synced to the cloud instead of being stored locally on your PC, providing extra protection for your data.

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